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San Dimas Stage Race and the California Experience.

For whatever reason the title for this post sounds to me like a band name.  Maybe something from the 80′s with a Led Zeppelin vibe but…okay I’m going off on a tangent here, most likely thanks to my second coffee for the day.  Sorry folks.  So I’ve been in California for the past week and a half now and aside from the awesome weather, mint roads and  fantastic company it’s been a great start to the racing season.

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Pretty In Pink:  Training Camp, Podium Stacking and Joining a Classics Squad.

There’s lots to report on after a super busy couple of weeks that included GS CIAO team camp, a handful of local races and true signs that Spring has finally sprung here in Colorado.  FIngers crossed on that last one.

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There And Back Again.

Looking outside the window right now there is no doubt I’ve landed back in the depths of a Colorado winter.  With negative temperatures and snow falling steady it has left me dreaming of my time recently spent in the Australian summer.  Then I realized it was high time I should continue finishing writing about it too. 

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