Pedal. Write. Ride. Race. Repeat.

Swinging Into Summer

At the beginning of the year Kat and I planned to spend the Xmas/New Year period in Australia.  She hadn’t been back for over 5 years and from my end it would avoid the next few months complaining about how bloody cold it is in Colorado.  Clearly it was going to be a win/win for all involved.  At the time it seemed a long way off  but fast forward to a couple of B grade movies on the plane, the chicken instead of the fish dinner and a healthy amount of time waiting at baggage carousels and here am I.

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Keeping The Fire Burning

Yeah that’s right.  I cursed myself.  From talking about the awesome fall weather last week we are now in a deep freeze.  So deep that all time Denver low temperature records have been broken which always strikes me as an odd thing to crow about.  I mean why celebrate reaching such a low score?  This ain’t golf people, and along with all the bicycle peddlers I’m guessing the stick swingers aren’t as excited about this cold snap either.

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Starting Is The Hardest Part

At one time or another, in a galaxy far, far away, I wrote far more than I do now and it was a good time had by all.  There were witty observations about life in the travelling circus that is bike racing combined with a foreigners perspective of living in a strange new land called America. It made for half decent lunchtime entertainment (or so I was told), and I enjoyed exploring my creative side that started from winning a short story competitive in Year 9 at school.  True story.  

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